Better tools for Chrome

aMuze develops tools for every day Chrome users. We focus on creating tools that help millions of chrome users with their everyday tasks. We create only great Chrome extensions. Extensions that will make your browser experience easier, powerful and fun. Our main focus is on creating better products for Chrome users. We are sure you will find them very helpful and useful. You can add these extensions directly from this website or through Chrome Store, always free and always easy to install.

SportMuze Start
This extension reminds you of your important sport games of your choice, choose the games you want to watch and get notifications before thegames are starting! Learn more.
SportMuze Search

This extension configures your Default Search in Chrome browser to provide these features.Go to the address bar then type 'sport' press TAB on your keyboard, enter your query and get the results you are looking for. Learn more.
MusixMuze Start
With MusixMuze Start you can play albums of your favourites artists and gives you easy and unlimited access to music, for free. Learn more.
MusixMuze Search

Search By MusixMuze extension gives you a better search experience when you are searching on the web to find exactly what you're looking for. Learn more.
MovixMuze Start
MovixMuze Start allow you to enjoy free access to the latest movie reviews, trailers, tv series, entertainment news and more. Learn more.
MovixMuze Search

MovixMuze Search is powerful web search engine that enables you quick and easy online access for movies, trailers, videos, images and news. Learn more.
GamesMuze Start
With GamesMuze Start you can play over 1000 FREE online games including action, board games, shooting, sports, puzzle, dress-up and more.Learn more.
GamesMuze Search

GamesMuze Search extension allow you a better search experience Easily search the web for FREE unlimited games.Learn more.
With DownloadMuze you can easily search through your downloaded files .Learn more.
DownloadMuze Search

DownloadMuze Search extension allow you to manage, control and sorts out everything: files, images, videos directly form chrome browser.Learn more.
Smart price comparison & coupon assistant for your online shopping! Automatic Price Comparison & Coupon Notifications! Learn more.
Private Search
The Private Search extension detects and redirects non-private searches to privacy-enhanced search results. Learn more .
DownloadMuze Search Plus
DownloadMuze Search Plus is a powerful search engine, offering you a variety of unique features and search tools. Learn more.